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Saturday, 12 January 2019

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Come see us and enjoy a good conversation and an outstanding service from our lovely staff, all in a clean, hygienic and welcoming environment
The various nail salon services for your nails that we offer are as follows :

Acrylic nail
Acrylic nail is artificial nail created by mixing particular acrylic powders and liquid to craft new nails that look longer, are stronger and more durable. They are very popular among women who desire more beautiful nails, a long-lasting polish and a perfect sheen. Moreover, nail decorations and jewellery applied to acrylic nails last longer and are more durable than those set in natural nails

Gel nail
Gel nail is other kind of artificial nail, a truly modern alternative to powders and liquids, which offer exceptional design versatility. The results are long, strong, shinny and natural –looking which you can’t miss.

Acrylic and Gel fill up
As a result of prolonged use, acrylic and gel nails need to be rejuvenated from time to time. Normally this is required every two or three weeks depending on your nail growth in order to keep them looking neat, clean and new.
Acrylic and Gel repair
As a result of damage from your daily activities, acrylic and gel nails might crack or break. Therefore, acrylic repair service is provided in order to keep your nails looking nice and in order to avoid any physical discomfort.
Acrylic and Gel Removal
Acrylic and Gel removal is the process of detaching your acrylic nails from your natural nails using acetone, nail files and clippers.
Temporary nail cover
Temporary nail covers are artificial nail tips glued to your natural nails. Normally, temporary nails last approximately one or two week depending on the durability of the glue and your daily activities. Women, on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, formal parties, etc, will find this service invaluable.
Nail art painting
Nail painting is the technique of enhancing plain nails by applying colours, drawings, and/or designs to your nails. We offer a great variety of designs and patterns that are perfectly compatible with any lifestyle or on any occasion. offers one of the finest nail salon services in the Delhi NCR region and we have an overwhelmingly increasing and sound base of clients who are visiting Gurgaon but a visit to the finest nail salon in Gurgaon is a must ‘TO DO” on their list…!!
For the best nail art experience you are only a phone call away, so call @ 9810556245 and book your appointment !!